Elliott Graber


David Napolitano


David Napolitano studied at the University of Sioux Falls and attained a BA in Business, only to realize he wanted to write shows.

His interest in writing began with "The Music Box," which has led to several years of shared agitation and exhilaration with his Co-writer and friend, Elliott Graber.

He recently returned home from Boston, Massachusetts where he worked as a financial analyst for Millennium Pharmaceuticals.  His wide range of interests have brought him experience in writing, marketing, graphic design, composition, and more recently; baking.

He now is the founder and owner of Breadico Di Napolitano in Sioux Falls, SD. 



Monica DeRee


Monica DeRee is excited to have worked with Graber and Napolitano Productions as the Stage Manager for The Music Box.  Monica lives in Minneapolis, and works in various theatres and concert venues in the area as a lighting designer, stage manager and stagehand.  She also works for Christie Lites which has provided her with the opportunity to tour as a lighting technician with various national music acts.  Monica most recently programmed a lighting rig for a New Year’s Eve show in Denver, CO; but she is always excited to return to the Twin Cities and to work in theatre and dance whenever she can.



Friends & Family


History In The Making

Elliott Graber & David Napolitano

History In The Making

In December of 2003 during his Freshman year studying Music at the University of Sioux Falls, Elliott David Graber, a poetic musician, discovers his passion for theater and has the desire to write a musical.

As Graber began composing songs from the heart, his desire had no specific direction. It was not until October of 2004 when Graber joined forces with co-writer David Napolitano. Together, they spurred the start of a new script.

With new direction, Graber and Napolitano developed a story guided by life and spoken with symbols representative to concepts of love.  Based in modern day St. Louis, the concepts of love, betrayl, envy, obsession, depression, and friendship grew into the lives of the characters.

In August 2006, Graber transferred to the University of South Dakota for Musical Theatre Composition and Performance.  His new-found focus on theatre heightened the musical to a new level of priority as it caught the attention of the entire theatre department.  This lead towards the first workshop for “The Music Box” in September 2007, presented by the Department of Theatre of the University of South Dakota.

After considering feedback and clarifying ideas, another workshop was held in April of 2008 by the University of South Dakota, this time presented to Playwright David Grapes (Creator of 'My Way' 'Dracula' 'I Left My Heart' 'Babes in Hollywood' and 'simply Simone').  Inspiring feedback and challenging debate sparked a new realization: “The Music Box” is more than just project.

Rewrites continued to drive the story forward.  Yet, while nearing a complete story line and show, Graber and Napolitano agreed that while the emotion of the music had been driving the script, the story was still weak in contrast to the magnificence of the music.

With intentions to capitalize on character empathy, marketability, and the versatility of love, aim was taken to create an intimate epic with socially universal themes.  This called for a complete rewrite of the story and script, pulling from the best elements developed during the entire process.  "The Music Box" was now set in St. Louis Union Station of 1920; the transportation hub of America, focusing on Real Love versus Fairy tale Love represented by parallels between the focus of a New York Mind and the longing of a San Franciscan Heart.

By resetting the story, all themes could be elaborately connected through symbols, metaphors,  and analogies presentable through dramatic situation conflict and character interaction.

In August of 2008, the third workshop of "The Music Box" was presented to the general public at the Granbury Opera House in Granbury, Texas, in conjunction with 'Galveston Island Musicals,' a professional theatre company.

While preparing for a concert performance workshop of the script in its entirety for the KCACTF Representative Paul J. Hostoles in December of 2008, a Demo CD featuring the first 12 songs of "The Music Box."  These songs have been composed, orchestrated, recorded, and produced by David Alan Napolitano and Elliott David Graber.

“The Music Box” began as a creative outlet and has ironically become an allegory to the lessons we have learned throughout the process.  It is maturing into literature that is no longer a project, but a responsibility that must be written so that others may know the truth and believe.

In August of 2012, Graber & Napolitano Productions premiered their long-awaited musical, "The Music Box" at the Minnesota Fringe Festival with great success.