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Graber & Napolitano Productions made a big impression in 2012 at The Minnesota Fringe Festival. The Music Box collected a good amount of ticket buyers, reporters, photographers, and Fringe Representatives who attended our five-show run at the U of M Rarig Center Thrust. Our efforts gathered a consistent amount of ticket sales purchased throughout the run of the festival. 

In addition to our run we were offered to be a part of a two-day musical theatre workshop with the Nautilus Theater in St Paul, MN. We had two public performances presenting four musical selections from the original score.

Promotional materials, social media marketing, and merchandising were three key elements as to why our show was a success at the festival. Not only did we launch a professional product at a respectable venue but we also produced two promotional online videos, posters, programs, a documentary, performance DVD, an audio CD, Facebook Page, T-shirts, and several images of the cast.


Photo by Joel Sorrell


Future Opportunities

Graber & Napolitano Productions is currently working with Mr. Robert Klein (Executive Producer of the Festival of New American Musicals) regarding the possibility of launching The Music Box in Los Angeles. We have also made connections with the prestigious Rubicon Theatre Company in Ventura, CA. The Rubicon Theatre Company has launched new works now running in London and New York City (“24th Street,” “Daddy Long Legs,” "Lonesome Traveler") and continues to provide many great opportunities for new musical theatre writers. We will also be launching The Music Box at Universities around the country to Student Cooperative Programs as a means of educating the public through theater. 


Photo by Robert Guttke



In order to ensure our investors receive a significant return, we are only accepting investments of $500 units or more. Investors will receive a profit return based on the percent of the total capitalization they gave. For instance, in a production that costs $5,000, your investment of $500 will allow you a 10% share in the net profit.



Whether you are an individual or you are representing a company, we are looking for sponsors willing to exchange services for exposure through The Music Box production opportunities as well as the benefits mentioned in Investment Information Packet (available upon request).



We greatly appreciate and accept donations beginning at $30 + with benefits mentioned in Investment Information Packet (available upon request).



We greatly appreciate your support in helping The Music Box, Musical reach its goal. If you wish to make a contribution or wish to produce the show at your venue contact us! 


Elliott Graber & David Napolitano
Graber & Napolitano Productions


Facebook: The Music Box Musical
Website: themusicboxmusical.com


Photo by Joel Sorrell

Special Thanks 

Thanks to our current Investors and Sponsors! 

Graber's Vineyard / David & Cindy Graber, 
Ruben Canales
Modern Woodman / Amy Hofer Vetch & Shane Vetch, 
Saarie Auto Body / Blaine & Penny Saarie
James R. Graber
Coastal Gigs / Scott Petro, 
Privileged Model Management & Oryon Media / Craig Damon
BellaTone Entertainment / Dave Hudson
Agency Models & Talent
Sorrell Design & Photography / Joel Sorrell
Samaritan Casting / Jeremy Gustafson 
Bill Cooper | On Camera
A. Johnson & Sons
Loring Pasta Bar
Patrick McCutchan